34 Weeks Pregnant


How big is baby? The size of a cantaloupe.

How is mom feeling? I'm uncomfortable. I can't breath. I can't bend over. I can't walk for a long time - my feet hurt. I get sharp pains everywhere. I'm ready to have this baby - ALREADY at only 34 weeks!! I'm getting crabby. I can't sit anyway comfortably. I'm done being pregnant. I just want to hold my little girly! I get hot fast. I can't sit still long enough to do any school work. I'm ready to go bed early (like right now). I'm sick with allergies. 

Nursery Update: All furniture is assembled and put in their places. Nothing is on the walls. All clothes are washed and put away. The new carpet is oh so comfy. Curtain rod is hung and awaiting for me to make the curtains. Still have to buy some mini-blinds. 

This pregnancy compared with Ty: I'm thinking it was pretty much the same. I was and am not a very happy pregnant lady!

What does Ty think? He wants her to come already. He told me the other day that Laci Rae was his baby and that he would share her with me. 

ok so i could probably add a lot more but im so uncomfy and my arms are hurting from typing that im heading to bed. goodnight


30 & 31 Weeks Pregnant

30 & 31 WEEKS


How big is baby? size of a head of cabbage & weighs 3 lbs 15 oz {about the weight of four naval oranges!}

How's mom feeling? I am really uncomfortable. Today, all of a sudden, I acquired a sharp, shooting, burning pain in the left shoulder blade. Hurt all day!! I'm anemic, too. BOO I am definitely feeling the nesting urge, but we are waiting on carpet in nursery to do anything.

Nursery Update: The walls are painted. The carpet is taken out. Waiting to schedule for Lowe's to come measure the room for installation for new carpet. 

This pregnancy compared to Ty? I can't really remember this part of pregnancy with Ty. I was on bed rest at home until 36 weeks so I was laid up on the couch or in bed. I remember going to Target once a week!! I go to that store so much now that one check-out girl recognizes me!! {Slapping forehead} 

What does Ty think about the baby these weeks? He consistently tells me he wants Laci Rae out & here!! He likes to rub the belly and play with my flat belly button. He doesn't say much else about her. He does like playing with all the baby stuff that might come out, especially the new double stroller.


Toddler Tuesdays ~ March 6th

All Things Ty McCoy

Ty likes digging in dirt. 

Ty thinks baths are fun and hilarious!!

Ty sings along with his favorite song, Big Green Tractor, on YouTube on my iPhone at least once a day. {run-sentence much?}

Ty loves to help {aka: be in our way} paint Laci Rae's room.


Wreath My Way - For Baby Laci's Nursery

For Baby Laci's Nursery

I while back, I found a sweet ruffled wreath on Pinterest and immedietly knew I wanted to make it for my baby girl's nursery. The wreath is from the blog Kelly Hicks Design and looked simple enough to make. The next week, I went to Wal-Mart {which has a fabric section again ~ whoop whoop!} and bought a yard of fabric that I liked. It cost $1.50!! I already had a straw wreath that I bought at a thrift shop for 50 cents. 

And then, 3 months later, I actually sat down to make it!! 

I guess I thought it was going to be a very big project. But it was the most simplest DIY thing I have done!! It literally took less than 30 minutes. I even timed myself just to see. {Note: I flipped TV channels, read text messages, and ate snacks during the time ~ that is why the stop watch says more than 30 min.}

I will be hanging this somewhere in Laci Rae's room once we are finished painting {if we ever are}. I'm so happy with it!!


Three Things Thursday ~ 3/1


1. My house has stayed relatively cleaned for the past week!! Very impressive.

2. My car stinks and it is filthy!

3. Ty needs another hair cut already. I think I am going to go back to buzzing it myself. It is $12 + tip every 2 weeks!!! That is just plain ridiculous. 

Freezer Meals My Way

Preparing for Baby Laci

Over at My Happy House, she took 4 weeks and got some freezer meals ready for after her baby was born. I thought this was a very smart idea. With a toddler, a new baby and a very hungry hubby, dinner time might be more difficult so I will be doing the same thing. 

I plan to start freezing the meals 3-4 weeks before my due date. Each week I will do 2-3 meals for dinner that night and a second one to freeze. So far I have planned these meals:

#1. Spaghetti
      Italian sausage
      jarred spaghetti sauce
      spaghetti noodles
      frozen garlic bread

Brown sausage & freeze. Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ cook noodles, bake bread, mix sausage with sauce and heat in pan.

#2. Chalupas
      ground beef
      chalupa shells
      sour cream
      shredded cheese
      taco seasoning
      refried beans

Brown meat & drain. Mix in taco seasoning (according to package) and refried beans. Freeze the meat mixture. Defrost night before. Hubby will ~~ heat shells in oven, heat meat mixture.

#3. Mexican Shepherd Pie
    recipe at Keeping Life Creative

Layer and freeze before baking. Defrost the night before. Hubby will -- bake for 30  minutes at 400 degrees.

#4. Rachel's Casserole
     recipe at Or So She Says...

Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

#5. Chicken Spaghetti

Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

#6. Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken
      recipe at Mama and Baby Love

Defrost over night. I will ~~ put in slow cooker and cook on high 4-6 hours or low 6-8 hours.

#7 & 8. Store-bought Frozen Meals

I will buy these as they are on sale and with coupons. Hubby will ~~ stir-fry in pan. 

I think this is all I will cook & freeze. If I do add more, I will also add to the this list. Wish me luck! I have never done this before, but seems easy enough.