ABC About Me

I took this from Chrissy over at Enriched Living blog. She has left my FIRST comment on my new blog!!! I loved this idea so I thought I would share on my blog as well.

ABC About Me

Age: 27 (wow when did I get so old?)

Bed Size: King whoop whoop
Chore You Hate: cleaning the tub/shower
Dogs: none currently - I don't want to have to pick up after something else!
Essential Start of Your Day: morning cuddles with the little boogie
Favorite Color: no favorite right now but I'm still loving brown
Gold or Silver: silver
Height: 5'7
Instruments I Play: none sorry
Job Title: mama and wife
Kids: one
Mom's Name: Marietta
Nicknames: Rae, babe, Bir
Overnight Hospital Stays:  when Ty was born, on bedrest with Ty
Pet Peeve: I have plenty, but Im learning to let go and not care so much
Quote From a Movie: that is Eric's passion I can't think of any right at this moment
Right or Left Handed: right handed
Siblings: younger sister who is my "third half"
Time You Wake Up: sometime between 8 am - 10 am!! love it
Underwear: bikini style
Veggie You Dislike: brussel sprouts
What Makes You Run Late: not waking up in time or not being prepared
X-Rays You Have Had: teeth, elbow, palm (just this week!)
Yummy Food You Make: ok so I like to cook so I make a lot of yummy food - some will be posted on this blog!!
Zoo Animal You Like Best: lions

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