DIY Lined Shelf

DIY Lined Shelf

I am currently finishing up my bathroom makeover. Since I took down the medicine cabinet, I needed some new storage spots. I decided on a three shelf bookcase I bought at Target.

I thought it was pretty boring so I wanted to spruce it up. Because I'm also on a budget, it needed to be cheap.

items needed:

pretty scrapbook paper (used 3 pieces)
double-sided tape roll

First, take the back piece (folded heavy duty cardboard) and unfold it to measure the paper on top.

For this shelf, I didnt need to cut any width off of - it fit perfect. But three pages were too much so I cut the third down to size.

I simply ran a few strips of the double-sided tape to the back piece and layed the paper onto it.

I did accidently place the paper a couple centimeters too short on the top edge. This is TOTALLY fine because when the shelf sides and top are nailed to the back, you will not see this at all.

finished shelf:

So much prettier! I currently have baskets on two shelves and pretty pink towels on the third.

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