Linen Closet Organizing

The 21 Day Organizing Challenge cont.

linking to One Project at a Time week #3



top half:

bottom half:

Not functional. Very cluttered.


Ahhh.... much better!!

top half:

Top shelf holds our board games, vases, and dehumidifier.
Below that, in the once again *lovely* diaper boxes, hold painting supplies (currently painting bathroom across the hall from this closet) and toilet paper. On that same shelf, I have bubble refill and hair clippers.
On this last shelf is my extra sheets, towels, and beach towels. My sheets are folded and stuffed into a coordinating pillow case - easier to store and find!

bottom half:

On this last shelf is buckets of stuff:
left one holds personal items - shampoo, razors, etc.
middle brown bucket holds summer items - sunblock, mosquito repellent, etc.
right bucket holds medicine:

I threw away all expired and never used medications. Sorted into type of cure. Bagged each type and labeled each bag. This is working great. I needed something the other night and asked my husband to grab it for me. He found it easily and knew exactly where to put it back - which is AMAZING in our house!

Also, I was very happy to hang all my random bags on the random nail that is stuck into the left side of the closet.
This is also where I keep my vacuum cleaner and umbrellas. But just look at that clear, clean and clutter-free closet floor!!

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