Tot School - 21 months week #2

APRIL 10-16

Tot School

Tot School is only Monday - Thursday in our house. The hubby has off Friday, Saturday & Sunday and so those days are crazy, very productive and never predictable.

AM - Park Meetup, Green Box
Noon - Picked up B - little guy I watch on Mondays & Wednesday
PM - Public Library, Big Machines tot pack

Tot Books & Packs

I pulled out the GREEN box which was full of things I found around the house that were green. The boys liked throwing the balloons at each other. And then Ty used his tractors in the green playdough.

After nap, we went the library and checked out GREEN and tractor books. Ty discovered the children's computer!! and loved to listen to the ReaderRabbit programs.

AM - Picked tomatoes at Meme's
PM - Music time, Blocks

My mom planted a tomato plant specifically for my tomato loving kiddo! She asked us to come over so that Ty could pick the ripe ones. He loved it and ate them right away!

After lunch and nap, I pulled out the music basket full of instruments. We made lovely music and listened to some also.

When Ty got bored with the music, I pulled out the blocks. This was the first time he was interested in doing something with them other than throwing them!

AM - Storytime at Library with Meetup group
Noon - Picked up B
PM - Big Machines tot pack, painting, dancing

I printed out the Big Machines tot pack from the 1+1+1=1 blog. Ty has enjoyed it a lot. He is obsessed with tractors anyways so incorporating counting and colors with them was great! This day I layed out the number cards in order and had Ty and B help match the correct numbered block to each. They both got the hang of it and wanted to do it once again.

The boys danced for a good few minutes after snack to Toddler Radio & Sesame Street channels on Pandora. They LOVED hearing the music come from my iPhone!

We read books DAILY and more than once during each day. Ty has always been in love with reading. I just thought this picture was cute of him reading in a "big boy" chair.

Late afternoon, we went outside and colored with sidewalk chalk.

AM - Oatmeal bowl, Big Machines tot pack
PM - Park with Meme, Blocks at Library, Reading with Daddy

Ty wanted to lay out the number cards in order again and pretended to count them just like I would. He likes to look at all the different machines and try to point out each one I say or say the name if I point to them. Ty did perfect at transferring the oatmeal from one bowl to the other.

My mom and I took Ty to a new-to-Ty park on Thursday and then went to the library afterwards. This library had an awesome block section, but Ty was unsure (or uninterested) in the big blocks. I showed him how to build something and still he found the children's computers.

Each night at bedtime, the hubby and I read GREEN books with Ty.
The three books I checked out this week were :
Goblins in Green by Nicholas Heller
There's an Alligator Under My Bed by Mercer Mayer **Ty's all-time favorite book!!
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
I was only able to grab these three because I had TWO crazy boys with me on Monday!

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