Making It Easier to DIY

I have been planning my son’s 2nd birthday party for the last 11 months!! I have always known I want to do one of those cute DIY cutesy party that I see all over the blogs. I keep seeing ideas in my head and know exactly what I want to do. When it comes down to it, I just don’t have the creativity, knowledge or energy to Do-It-All-Myself.

I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to do the things I pictured and I started looking online for invitations to buy. My mother and I spent many nights searching and many day trips to party stores without any luck. I couldn’t find anything anywhere near what I thought would be perfect for Ty’s Construction Party!! I decided to try Etsy.com for printable, customizable invitations and BAM!! My first search for “construction birthday party” came back with the PERFECT party package! It was exactly had I thought I was going to make all DIY except I didn’t have to create it – it was already graphted {a new word I just made up; means ‘to use graphics to create’} up and pretty and PERFECT!!

Now that I had found my {have I mentioned PERFECT} party pack, it still took me about 6 days to decide to purchase it because I kept thinking that I could do this whole party myself. Each day I would go to Etsy.com and look at all the pictures for the party pack and finally decided to just go ahead and buy the pack.

This means that I will be able to have all the DIY items that is exactly how I pictured them, without having to do ALL the work. I am forever grateful to dimpleprints!! Now all I have to do is print it all out and hot glue until the cows come home….



Chicken Spaghetti My Way

I learned this recipe back in 2006 {I think} from a girlfriend of a guy who lived with my boyfriend {did you get that?}. Anyways, this was so easy and fed so many people that I have made it a many times. Now it is just in my head and I don’t even need to write it down!

items needed:


4-5 chicken breasts or 8-10 chicken tenders, defrosted

whole grain spaghetti noodles

cream of chicken soup

cream of celery soup

cream of mushroom soup

Rotel, undrained

1 pound of Velveeta cheese


Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a big pot, boil the chicken.

While it boils, cut the Velveeta up into 1 inch cubes and throw them into a mixing bowl.

As soon as the chicken is cooked through, scoop them out and put them on a cutting board.

Keep the water boiling and throw in the spaghetti noodles.


While the noodles cook, shred the chicken and throw it in with the Velveeta.


You want to do this kind of quickly so that the chicken is still hot enough to help melt the Velveeta a little bit.

Drain the noodles and throw them in with the chicken and Velveeta and mix. The hot noodles will also help melt the Velveeta.

Stir in the soups and Rotel.


Pour the mixture into a baking dish and bake for about 30 minutes, until all the Velveeta is all melted and is bubbly.


Serve with your desired sides.

Tonight I had sweet potato fries and Eric had cheesy Texas toast. Ty had sweet potato fries with a side of cheesy Texas toast  – he didn’t eat much of the chicken spaghetti!!



Meal Plan Monday May 16

MONDAY – Sloppy Joes
TUESDAY – Ty and I will out and Eric has a dinner meeting for work
WEDNESDAY – Chicken Spaghetti
THURSDAY – Chili Dogs and Frito Pie
FRIDAY – Ty and I will be out of town so it will probably be fast food for us
SATURDAY – Graduation Party Dinner for my cousin’s high school graduation
SUNDAY – Sandwiches or Pizza {I will probably be too worn out to cook…}

So all-in-all a very lazy dinner week!

Frozen Mayo Chicken My Way

I got this recipe from a forum on BabyCenter.com some time ago. It is the EASIEST and CHEAPEST recipe I can think of!! And it is yummy as well ~ not that it has to be because when I’m in a rush I will serve anything and my little family will eat what I cook : – ).
items needed:
6-8 chicken tenders {{frozen!!}}
mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
dried bread crumbs
Italian seasoning
parmesan cheese
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
Wrap a cookie sheet with foil for even easier clean-up!
Place the frozen chicken on the sheet. Slap a thick layer of mayo on top of each piece of chicken.
Mix some bread crumbs and a dash of Italian seasoning and a few shakes of parmesan cheese (didn’t have any parm. this night and it still tasted good)  in a bowl. Sprinkle on top of the mayo.
Bake for an hour until toasted brown.
Serve with your favorite EASY sides! This night we had cheese tortellini's and pork & beans. OH, and some yummy wine!

Poppy Seed Chicken aka Ritz Chicken My Way

I found this yummy yummy recipe on the blog Sisters’ Stuff. It is super easy and really delicious.
items needed:
4-6 chicken breasts, boiled and cubed
1 can cream of chicken
1 cup sour cream
Ritz crackers
1/2 cube butter
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. In 8x8 casserole dish, place cubed chicken.
Heat soup and sour cream, but do not boil. Pour over chicken.
Melt butter and mix with crumbled Ritz crackers. I just take one roll of crackers and crunch them up. Sprinkle over the chicken mixture.
Bake for 30 minutes until heated through and crackers are toasted.
Serve the chicken over rice. This night we had asparagus (1 tablespoon of butter, garlic salt and microwaved) and sliced pears.


Tot School – 22 months week #6

MAY 8 – 14
22 months

Linking to:
Tot School

Ok, so this week and this current week are going ssslllooowww on the Tot School side of things. For whatever reason (mostly because I need to clean my house after not cleaning for 2 weeks), I have been allowing Ty unlimited time to play outside in the backyard and to read, color, paint, “vroom” tractors, etc. to his heart content, without a lot of specific time for Tot School. Today I finally got back on track with my “cleaning schedule” and from here on out I am re-committing myself to Tot School.
AM – Park Meetup
Noon – Picked up B
PM – Orange Box, Coloring, Swimming pool in backyard
orange monday
The boys really loved coloring besides each other. For some reason they thought it was hilarious! Ty dumped the Orange Box all out and discovered all the many orange items that was inside it. B and Ty sat for a good 30 minutes threading orange pony beads on orange pipe cleaners. After lunch, and a nap for Ty, we swam in our new pool in the backyard.

AM – Museum of Natural Science
PM – Do-a-Dot orange coloring, Tractor painting
orange dodot
Do-a-Dot’s are Ty’s new favorite things!! He likes singing “dot dot dot, do a dot, do do dot” while dotting away.
truck painting
I pulled out some paint and told Ty to grab a tractor. He enjoyed “vrooming” the tractor across the paper and seeing the tracks it made. Funny side note – I ran to change the laundry real quick and asked Eric to come watch over Ty while he painted. As Eric walked over and I walked away, I heard Eric shout “No, Ty, don’t stick the tractor in the paint!” Ha, I yelled back to Eric that tractor painting was our purpose!!

AM – Story Time at the library
Noon – Picked up B
PM – Free play ALL afternoon : – ), Built a Fort with Aunt Di & Trigger after dinner
fort tot school
Fort building was FUN. And not just for Ty and Aunt Di. Eric, myself, Trigger and Meme all got in on the fun.

AM – Orange Sensory Box, Blocks
PM – Swimming pool in back yard
shred orange blocks
Somewhere online, some blog, I read about using shredded paper in the sensory box. So that is just what I did. I shredded some orange construction paper and replaced the old oatmeal in our sensory box. Ty had a blast using his tongs to pick out orange items out of the shredded paper. He repeatedly plays “its hiding” with his sensory box. He hides pom-poms in the shredded paper and wants me to find them. Ty also pulled out the blocks and I sat down and built with him.


Tot School–22 months week #5

MAY 1- 7
22 months
Linking to:
Tot School

AM – Park meetup
PM – Yellow Box, puzzles, colored Yellow Duck page
yellow monday
Ty took everything out of the Yellow Box and laid each item out on the floor. I told him about each item and encouraged him to say “yellow.” Today, with puzzles, Ty took out all the pieces of each puzzle and mixed them all together. Then he put all 5 puzzles back together by himself!
AM – Zoo meetup
PM  - Pom pom pinching,
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, shape sorter
sea lion
Five moms and their kids met at the Zoo. It was breezy, cold and wonderful! I love the group of moms I have found!!
yellow tuesday
I got Ty some tongs and handed them to him. Told him to pinch the yellow pom-poms. He finally got it after a few tries, but ended up wanting to run his tractors across them instead… Pulled out his shape sorter and he did excellent with this. He has never been interested in this and he’s had it for a year. Grabbed his Leaptop and we looked at each letter and then he just played with it.
AM – Story Time at the library
PM -  Yellow sensory box, lots of reading new books from library
This is the only picture I have from this day…. Spilt oatmeal from the sensory box. I will be changing out to something new next week!!!
AM – Hasting’s train table
PM – I am a Backhoe book, Played outside with Poppy
I don’t have any pictures from this day. We spent an hour and half with friends at our local bookstore Hastings. We played on the train table, played with the toy animals, read all the tractor books on their shelves, shared books, etc. It was a nice morning.
We got this book from library the day before. I had no idea how creative this book is and leads to much imagination!! Ty and I both acted out the actions of all his favorite tractors. I had never thought about doing this before reading this book. I didn’t get a chance to grab the camera during all the fun we were having. I’m sure we will be doing this a lot more (have already) so I will post pictures next week.
Late afternoon, my dad came over  and took Ty down to the park for a long time! Ty and his Poppy always get into something so I don’t really know what they did together all afternoon.


You Make Me Happy ~ 21 months

I was browsing 1+1+1=1, I found her site about her daughter, Lil' Ladybug. On this blog, she writes posts recapping her daughter's past month. I feel in love with this idea so I'm hoping she won't mind and I'm going to do the same thing for Ty McCoy.



~ when you throw a fit when Daddy takes you out of the swimming pond because you would rather turn blue and keep swimming instead of hunt for Easter Eggs.

~ when you pass out not even 2 minutes after leaving the party

~ when you are so super sweet to my best friend's new baby girl. You love to kiss and cuddle babies.

~ when you are very particular when putting the muffin liners in the muffin tin. You love to help me cook and you are great at stirring and shaking. And it makes me smile that you rather be naked! all the time.

~ when you get the biggest excitement from the littlest things.

~ the way you say "cheese" and smile for my ever-present camera

~ the way you repeatedly say "hold me" even while I am holding you.

~ when you look at me with one of your many goofy faces

~ in the very early morning, with tired eyes, after long cuddles in the bed

~ that you love tractors (and all things related) with all your heart!

~ how every day you remind me that a cow poopoo'd at the Farm last week. And that it makes you giggle and say "silly cow"!!

~ when you exert all your energy on something that makes you happy.

~ that you told me you were ready to go home after all your energy was gone! And that you took a FOUR hour nap when we got home.

~ how you say "trap" instead of "snap" for the sound of an alligator. And how much you love the story There's an Alligator Under My Bed. And when you sit through a whole book that daddy is reading just because that means longer time spent with your daddy.

~ when I see you little bitty toes and scraped knee.


Meal Plan Monday May 2

MONDAY - Poppy Sead Chicken {aka Ritz Chicken My Way}{from Sisters' Stuff blog}
TUESDAY - Taco Bake {from Kraft Foods}
WEDNESDAY - Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese {from Tasty Kitchen}
THURSDAY - Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
FRIDAY - We will be CAMPING {in our RV}!! and eat Chalupas
SATURDAY - Fajitas on the Grill
SUNDAY - Eating Out

Tot School - 21 months week #4

APRIL 24 - 30
21 months

AM - Dropped off hubby's truck to shop, Park with Meme, Wore Blue
PM - Blue box, Blue play dough, sang the Blue song --
to the tune "Are You Sleeping"
That spells blue.
That spells blue.
Buttons are blue
Eyes are too.
Blue, blue, blue
Blue, blue, blue.

TUESDAY - extremely busy day!
AM - Styrofoam & tools, Morning Prayer
PM - Parents' iPhone App (Colors), Bloople's Colors online game, Blue Collage, Blue Sensory Tub, Chores, Mary Had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme, Day Prayer, Brown Bear YouTube video, Blue Ice & Water in sink

I read a prayer from this book during breakfast .
Today's Prayer:
Thank you, Father God, for this new day.
Help me to be kind to people I meet.
Keep me from cross words and keep me from being selfish.
Bring me safely once more to the day's end.

Eric gave Ty this Styrofoam last night. This morning I found him playing with with it with his tools and the playroom was covered in little pieces!! I told him that it was an outside toy! He really enjoyed sticking his tools in and out of the Styrofoam.

Found this online game when I did a random search for 'colors' over at 1+1+1=1 the other day. Ty enjoyed pushing the button to select the correct colors. He still doesn't recognize each color but that is what we are working on.

Ty had a blast gluing the various blue pictures onto the blue paper. In the blue sensory tub, which is filled with oatmeal this week, he and I played "hide and seek" with the two blue pom-poms. Ty loved playing this game!! We did it for literally 30 minutes.

While Ty was busy with the table games, I read a prayer from this book:
For a million stars that sparkle
In a sky of darkest blue -
I cannon count the stars,
But, God, I can thank you.
from book - A Prayer A Day

I also read/sang Mary Had a Little Lamb to him. I use the book My Tresury of Nursery Rhymes.

Chores: I had Ty help put away the dishes after the dishwasher ran. He sorted that silverware and did an amazing job!!

Late afternoon, Ty asked to for the pom-poms again so we enjoyed that some more. After that, I pulled out the step-ladder and filled up the sink with water; dropped some blue food color in and poured in some dish soap to make bubbles. This was a big hit. Ty poured the blue water from side to side. Then, I pulled out the blue ice - fish shaped. He ate on them for a bit which was fine. He had a wonderful time watching the ice melt.

** please excuse the naked booty - we are potty training**

AM - Story time
Noon - Picked up B, lunch at Chick-fil-a
PM - Lazy day inside


This children's museum was amazing!!! It was HUGE, so huge that we didn't even see it all in the two hours we were there. Ty had an absolute blast!! We will definitely be going back soon.

AM - Sorting, Brown Bear color pages, White Board marker coloring

I cut out shapes in blue and red and tried to get Ty to sort them onto the correct sheet of paper. He tried really hard! He kept getting confused and trying to put the right shapes together instead of the colors. Then we moved onto pom-pom sorting. This was a little better, but as you can tell by the last picture, he still hasn't got sorting all the way down pat! HA

We had to catch up on our coloring of our own Brown Bear book pages. I pulled out the white board and wipe-off markers. Ty had a great time coloring with the blue marker, wiping off, and coloring again!

Manna Fields Farm in Angleton, Texas

There was tons to do at this farm and we had the whole place to ourselves (and five other families...). Today was a very pretty day - light breeze, slightly over cast, breathable!!
Things we did:
Cow Train
Hay Ride to feed the cows
Huge Slide
Corn Kernel box
Goats Pig Chickens and Bunny
Old Style Water Pump Duck Races

Ty had so much fun that he came home and took a FOUR HOUR nap!! (His usual nap only last 1 1/2 hours) And here are a few of the pictures from our fun-filled day.