Tot School - 21 months week #4

APRIL 24 - 30
21 months

AM - Dropped off hubby's truck to shop, Park with Meme, Wore Blue
PM - Blue box, Blue play dough, sang the Blue song --
to the tune "Are You Sleeping"
That spells blue.
That spells blue.
Buttons are blue
Eyes are too.
Blue, blue, blue
Blue, blue, blue.

TUESDAY - extremely busy day!
AM - Styrofoam & tools, Morning Prayer
PM - Parents' iPhone App (Colors), Bloople's Colors online game, Blue Collage, Blue Sensory Tub, Chores, Mary Had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme, Day Prayer, Brown Bear YouTube video, Blue Ice & Water in sink

I read a prayer from this book during breakfast .
Today's Prayer:
Thank you, Father God, for this new day.
Help me to be kind to people I meet.
Keep me from cross words and keep me from being selfish.
Bring me safely once more to the day's end.

Eric gave Ty this Styrofoam last night. This morning I found him playing with with it with his tools and the playroom was covered in little pieces!! I told him that it was an outside toy! He really enjoyed sticking his tools in and out of the Styrofoam.

Found this online game when I did a random search for 'colors' over at 1+1+1=1 the other day. Ty enjoyed pushing the button to select the correct colors. He still doesn't recognize each color but that is what we are working on.

Ty had a blast gluing the various blue pictures onto the blue paper. In the blue sensory tub, which is filled with oatmeal this week, he and I played "hide and seek" with the two blue pom-poms. Ty loved playing this game!! We did it for literally 30 minutes.

While Ty was busy with the table games, I read a prayer from this book:
For a million stars that sparkle
In a sky of darkest blue -
I cannon count the stars,
But, God, I can thank you.
from book - A Prayer A Day

I also read/sang Mary Had a Little Lamb to him. I use the book My Tresury of Nursery Rhymes.

Chores: I had Ty help put away the dishes after the dishwasher ran. He sorted that silverware and did an amazing job!!

Late afternoon, Ty asked to for the pom-poms again so we enjoyed that some more. After that, I pulled out the step-ladder and filled up the sink with water; dropped some blue food color in and poured in some dish soap to make bubbles. This was a big hit. Ty poured the blue water from side to side. Then, I pulled out the blue ice - fish shaped. He ate on them for a bit which was fine. He had a wonderful time watching the ice melt.

** please excuse the naked booty - we are potty training**

AM - Story time
Noon - Picked up B, lunch at Chick-fil-a
PM - Lazy day inside


This children's museum was amazing!!! It was HUGE, so huge that we didn't even see it all in the two hours we were there. Ty had an absolute blast!! We will definitely be going back soon.

AM - Sorting, Brown Bear color pages, White Board marker coloring

I cut out shapes in blue and red and tried to get Ty to sort them onto the correct sheet of paper. He tried really hard! He kept getting confused and trying to put the right shapes together instead of the colors. Then we moved onto pom-pom sorting. This was a little better, but as you can tell by the last picture, he still hasn't got sorting all the way down pat! HA

We had to catch up on our coloring of our own Brown Bear book pages. I pulled out the white board and wipe-off markers. Ty had a great time coloring with the blue marker, wiping off, and coloring again!

Manna Fields Farm in Angleton, Texas

There was tons to do at this farm and we had the whole place to ourselves (and five other families...). Today was a very pretty day - light breeze, slightly over cast, breathable!!
Things we did:
Cow Train
Hay Ride to feed the cows
Huge Slide
Corn Kernel box
Goats Pig Chickens and Bunny
Old Style Water Pump Duck Races

Ty had so much fun that he came home and took a FOUR HOUR nap!! (His usual nap only last 1 1/2 hours) And here are a few of the pictures from our fun-filled day.

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