Tot School–22 months week #5

MAY 1- 7
22 months
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AM – Park meetup
PM – Yellow Box, puzzles, colored Yellow Duck page
yellow monday
Ty took everything out of the Yellow Box and laid each item out on the floor. I told him about each item and encouraged him to say “yellow.” Today, with puzzles, Ty took out all the pieces of each puzzle and mixed them all together. Then he put all 5 puzzles back together by himself!
AM – Zoo meetup
PM  - Pom pom pinching,
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, shape sorter
sea lion
Five moms and their kids met at the Zoo. It was breezy, cold and wonderful! I love the group of moms I have found!!
yellow tuesday
I got Ty some tongs and handed them to him. Told him to pinch the yellow pom-poms. He finally got it after a few tries, but ended up wanting to run his tractors across them instead… Pulled out his shape sorter and he did excellent with this. He has never been interested in this and he’s had it for a year. Grabbed his Leaptop and we looked at each letter and then he just played with it.
AM – Story Time at the library
PM -  Yellow sensory box, lots of reading new books from library
This is the only picture I have from this day…. Spilt oatmeal from the sensory box. I will be changing out to something new next week!!!
AM – Hasting’s train table
PM – I am a Backhoe book, Played outside with Poppy
I don’t have any pictures from this day. We spent an hour and half with friends at our local bookstore Hastings. We played on the train table, played with the toy animals, read all the tractor books on their shelves, shared books, etc. It was a nice morning.
We got this book from library the day before. I had no idea how creative this book is and leads to much imagination!! Ty and I both acted out the actions of all his favorite tractors. I had never thought about doing this before reading this book. I didn’t get a chance to grab the camera during all the fun we were having. I’m sure we will be doing this a lot more (have already) so I will post pictures next week.
Late afternoon, my dad came over  and took Ty down to the park for a long time! Ty and his Poppy always get into something so I don’t really know what they did together all afternoon.

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