You Make Me Happy ~ 21 months

I was browsing 1+1+1=1, I found her site about her daughter, Lil' Ladybug. On this blog, she writes posts recapping her daughter's past month. I feel in love with this idea so I'm hoping she won't mind and I'm going to do the same thing for Ty McCoy.



~ when you throw a fit when Daddy takes you out of the swimming pond because you would rather turn blue and keep swimming instead of hunt for Easter Eggs.

~ when you pass out not even 2 minutes after leaving the party

~ when you are so super sweet to my best friend's new baby girl. You love to kiss and cuddle babies.

~ when you are very particular when putting the muffin liners in the muffin tin. You love to help me cook and you are great at stirring and shaking. And it makes me smile that you rather be naked! all the time.

~ when you get the biggest excitement from the littlest things.

~ the way you say "cheese" and smile for my ever-present camera

~ the way you repeatedly say "hold me" even while I am holding you.

~ when you look at me with one of your many goofy faces

~ in the very early morning, with tired eyes, after long cuddles in the bed

~ that you love tractors (and all things related) with all your heart!

~ how every day you remind me that a cow poopoo'd at the Farm last week. And that it makes you giggle and say "silly cow"!!

~ when you exert all your energy on something that makes you happy.

~ that you told me you were ready to go home after all your energy was gone! And that you took a FOUR hour nap when we got home.

~ how you say "trap" instead of "snap" for the sound of an alligator. And how much you love the story There's an Alligator Under My Bed. And when you sit through a whole book that daddy is reading just because that means longer time spent with your daddy.

~ when I see you little bitty toes and scraped knee.

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