Terrible 2's has Officially Started

We had Ty’s 2nd birthday yesterday and he officially started his terrible 2’s this afternoon. He was being a goofy, silly boy at dinner with me and Meme tonight. My mom says I will have my hands full with him. I say “What? My hands can be fuller than this already?” Here are the pictures from Ty’s Construction theme birthday party.


We rented a massive, kid unfriendly water slide. Because it is sooo hot here in Texas, Hubby and I decided that we had to have some kid of water at his party this year. We agreed on a water slide. After the guys set it up, we quickly realized it was very difficult to climb up and that it was not easy for young kiddos. All the adults fell off at least once while trying to climb up!! None the less, all the kids had a great time on it; as well as the big "kids".

I set up a Construction Zone in the yard by taping off a section with Caution tape and paint sticks. Inside there were building blocks, sand table full of tractors, hammering (tees for nails & foam blocks), and tractors and cones. I handed out tool aprons and hard hats to each kid. The kids spent a lot of time in the zone so I'm thinking they all liked it!


We cooked hot dogs and fried fish for dinner. Snakes were construction cones (Bugles), spare tires (chocolate covered donuts), nuts & bolts (pretzels), and wrecking balls (cheese puffs). My heart hurt when I realized the load of dirt (dirt cake) was not going to be successful. The pudding in it would not set up at all. Looking back, it wasn't missed but I think I will be making some for Ty's actual birthday to celebrate!


I used the lovey, easy peasy etsy.com printable graphics from Dimple Prints. Hung balloons from the ceiling. Put up a banner of Ty's pictures in order from 12 months until 24 months. The table cloth was a road and I put out some of the MANY tractors Ty has.


He was sooooo excited to get new toys. He wanted to play with each one as soon as he opened it. It seemed like the gift opening took forever! We kept needing to redirect him to a new package. Ty woke up this morning and went straight to his playroom to dive into all the presents.

As soon as the sun went down all the adults climbed up and slid down the water slide!! It was tons of fun.

As we were all hanging out and eating snacks, at the end of the night, Ty leaned back on me and said "happy." Aww he was so happy and had a super fun birthday. That made all the work and organizing worth while.


Playing in the RAIN

Yup, that’s right ~ I let my kid play in the rain. He loves it!!

rain collage

We haven’t seen rain in long while so as soon it started getting dark and cloudy I told the boys to put their swimsuits on. They loved playing in it. I have let Ty play in the rain pretty much every chance we get!!


What I Grabbed During a {False} House Fire

This morning, half way through my morning chores, I opened the back doors and let Ty outside. I do this pretty much every day. It’s a fenced in backyard and Ty plays really well alone out there. I am usually in the living room or kitchen – within eye sight of him. Today, I wanted to finish the laundry {that I started yesterday…} in my room in the back of the house. I decided to open my back windows so that I could still peak outside and hear/talk with Ty.

Well, in the middle of folding laundry, the SMOKE DETECTOR WENT OFF!! And it was really the alarm, not just the usual, annoying beep for “low battery.” I calmly got the step ladder and pushed the silence button. Then I walked the whole house, smelling for something out of the norm, searching for smoke. I ended up finding nothing. The detector went off again and I silenced it again. Searched the house again, walked outside in front to see if there was any smoke, nothing again. The detector didn’t go off again so I decided to call the hubby.

He suggested I look up in the attic. Up until this point I was calm. As soon as I slightly pulled the steps down to the attic the detector WENT OFF again!! Then I was officially freaked out!! I changed into some not-pajama clothes and grabbed Ty and ran outside to call Eric.

Well then I thought “well if this is really a fire I need to get some things!!” I went back inside and grabbed:

- purse ~ because it has my wallet in it.

- my wedding ring and band ~ because …. its my wedding ring and band!!

- shoes for Ty ~ in case he needed some shoes

- my DSLR camera ~ because I had recently taken some awesome new pictures on it

- and some shoes for myself

Then I walked back out to the front yard and called my mom to see if she would come over. I didn’t have a car at home this morning and I wanted her to watch Ty while I really went up to the attic to check it out.

Well, after I calmed down a bit and started thinking a little more clear, I thought about my external hard drive with all my pictures on it. So I made Ty stay out front playing with his shovel in the dirt and I ran back inside to try to find the hard drive. I remembered seeing just last night, but couldn’t find it anywhere. After what seemed like 10 minutes {probably only 1-2} I found it and ran back outside.

While waiting outside for my mom to get here, it started to pour down rain. We need the rain so bad! I decided to let Ty play in the rain. As I was stripping him down I took his diaper off and found he had went #2!! UGH I forgot the diapers and wipes. Had to run back in and get those!

- external hard drive ~ because I love my many many pictures!!

- diapers and wipes ~ because my child is yet to be fully potty trained

There ended up being no fire. We are all safe and sound and the house is fine. I still don’t know why the alarm went off. But after I reset the detector it never went off again. My mom and I were talking about it later today and she mentioned baby books! That didn’t even come across my mind.

So those are the things I would grab. How about you? What would you grab if you thought your house might be on fire?


My Sweet Precious Child

Ty is my only child.


Ty holds my whole heart in his bright blue eyes.


Ty will be 2 in exactly 24 days.


Ty has a playroom full of toys.

Ty has grandparents and aunts and uncles who love him.

Ty says the word “shit.” A lot.

I don’t think my husband or anyone else knows just how much he says this horrible horrible word. He will just be playing with a  toy and say “shit.” Out of nowhere. Without any context or reason.

At first I thought he might be {hoping he was} saying something that just sounded like it. Like maybe “see it” or “sit in” or something…anything… other than “shit.” But nope!

I am constantly reminding everyone to watch their language around Ty because he will repeat anything! Guess this one word has stuck with him & I hate it!! I make him say Thank You and Yes Ma’am and No Sir and Please. I teach him to have manners. He knows how to take turns with his friends and he understands how to share {not that he does these two willingly every time but at least he knows what they mean}. I never thought, in all my life, that MY son would say a curse word!! I am pretty sure he has heard me say it a couple of times in frustration or my husband. I am quite sure he has heard his grandparents and aunt and uncle say the word often.

98% of the time I just ignore him in hopes that he will stop saying the word because after all he really doesn’t even really know what it means. About once a day, I will ask him what he said and tell him “We don’t say that word. It’s an ugly word.”

Have you ever had to deal with this? What did/would you do?