Terrible 2's has Officially Started

We had Ty’s 2nd birthday yesterday and he officially started his terrible 2’s this afternoon. He was being a goofy, silly boy at dinner with me and Meme tonight. My mom says I will have my hands full with him. I say “What? My hands can be fuller than this already?” Here are the pictures from Ty’s Construction theme birthday party.


We rented a massive, kid unfriendly water slide. Because it is sooo hot here in Texas, Hubby and I decided that we had to have some kid of water at his party this year. We agreed on a water slide. After the guys set it up, we quickly realized it was very difficult to climb up and that it was not easy for young kiddos. All the adults fell off at least once while trying to climb up!! None the less, all the kids had a great time on it; as well as the big "kids".

I set up a Construction Zone in the yard by taping off a section with Caution tape and paint sticks. Inside there were building blocks, sand table full of tractors, hammering (tees for nails & foam blocks), and tractors and cones. I handed out tool aprons and hard hats to each kid. The kids spent a lot of time in the zone so I'm thinking they all liked it!


We cooked hot dogs and fried fish for dinner. Snakes were construction cones (Bugles), spare tires (chocolate covered donuts), nuts & bolts (pretzels), and wrecking balls (cheese puffs). My heart hurt when I realized the load of dirt (dirt cake) was not going to be successful. The pudding in it would not set up at all. Looking back, it wasn't missed but I think I will be making some for Ty's actual birthday to celebrate!


I used the lovey, easy peasy etsy.com printable graphics from Dimple Prints. Hung balloons from the ceiling. Put up a banner of Ty's pictures in order from 12 months until 24 months. The table cloth was a road and I put out some of the MANY tractors Ty has.


He was sooooo excited to get new toys. He wanted to play with each one as soon as he opened it. It seemed like the gift opening took forever! We kept needing to redirect him to a new package. Ty woke up this morning and went straight to his playroom to dive into all the presents.

As soon as the sun went down all the adults climbed up and slid down the water slide!! It was tons of fun.

As we were all hanging out and eating snacks, at the end of the night, Ty leaned back on me and said "happy." Aww he was so happy and had a super fun birthday. That made all the work and organizing worth while.

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  1. the party was fantastic, Ty is wonderful and so is his moma and daddy!!!