What I Grabbed During a {False} House Fire

This morning, half way through my morning chores, I opened the back doors and let Ty outside. I do this pretty much every day. It’s a fenced in backyard and Ty plays really well alone out there. I am usually in the living room or kitchen – within eye sight of him. Today, I wanted to finish the laundry {that I started yesterday…} in my room in the back of the house. I decided to open my back windows so that I could still peak outside and hear/talk with Ty.

Well, in the middle of folding laundry, the SMOKE DETECTOR WENT OFF!! And it was really the alarm, not just the usual, annoying beep for “low battery.” I calmly got the step ladder and pushed the silence button. Then I walked the whole house, smelling for something out of the norm, searching for smoke. I ended up finding nothing. The detector went off again and I silenced it again. Searched the house again, walked outside in front to see if there was any smoke, nothing again. The detector didn’t go off again so I decided to call the hubby.

He suggested I look up in the attic. Up until this point I was calm. As soon as I slightly pulled the steps down to the attic the detector WENT OFF again!! Then I was officially freaked out!! I changed into some not-pajama clothes and grabbed Ty and ran outside to call Eric.

Well then I thought “well if this is really a fire I need to get some things!!” I went back inside and grabbed:

- purse ~ because it has my wallet in it.

- my wedding ring and band ~ because …. its my wedding ring and band!!

- shoes for Ty ~ in case he needed some shoes

- my DSLR camera ~ because I had recently taken some awesome new pictures on it

- and some shoes for myself

Then I walked back out to the front yard and called my mom to see if she would come over. I didn’t have a car at home this morning and I wanted her to watch Ty while I really went up to the attic to check it out.

Well, after I calmed down a bit and started thinking a little more clear, I thought about my external hard drive with all my pictures on it. So I made Ty stay out front playing with his shovel in the dirt and I ran back inside to try to find the hard drive. I remembered seeing just last night, but couldn’t find it anywhere. After what seemed like 10 minutes {probably only 1-2} I found it and ran back outside.

While waiting outside for my mom to get here, it started to pour down rain. We need the rain so bad! I decided to let Ty play in the rain. As I was stripping him down I took his diaper off and found he had went #2!! UGH I forgot the diapers and wipes. Had to run back in and get those!

- external hard drive ~ because I love my many many pictures!!

- diapers and wipes ~ because my child is yet to be fully potty trained

There ended up being no fire. We are all safe and sound and the house is fine. I still don’t know why the alarm went off. But after I reset the detector it never went off again. My mom and I were talking about it later today and she mentioned baby books! That didn’t even come across my mind.

So those are the things I would grab. How about you? What would you grab if you thought your house might be on fire?

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