Menu Plan Monday - August 1st

MONDAY - Braised Balsamic Chicken {All Recipes} Calories: 206 Summer Squash Casserole {Debbie Does Dinner...}
Broiled Asparagus {Spark Recipes} Calories: 57

TUESDAY - Maple-Chili Clazed Pork Medalions {Eating Well}
Calories: 180
Zucchini Pan Grilled
WEDNESDAY - Sesame Chicken {Spark Recipes} Calories: 287
Brown Rice and Stir-Fry Green Beans {Spark Recipes}
Calories: 94

THURSDAY - Slow Cooker Veggie Lasagna {Raise HealthyEaters}
Side Salad

FRIDAY - Baked Chicken with Garlic & Sun Dried Tomatoes{Spark Recipes} Calories: 256
Carrots & Steamed Cauliflower

SATURDAY - Leftovers or Out to Eat

SUNDAY - Oven Roasted Greek Chicken {Simply Fit Mama}
Sweet Potato Baked Fries
(frozen from a bag because I can never bake them right!)


My Monday

* Work (housecleaner and cook - Really. I get paid to do it at someone else's house!!)

* Came home and did it all for a second time at my own house.

* Day 4 of the 30 Day Shred workout!

* Watched Ty play in the pool.

* Put together a couple of Tot Packs for Ty.

* Four loads of Laundry

* Ate 1 serving of Honey Mustard Pretzel Pieces {addicted}.

* Drank my water.

* Recorded my workout and water in my SparkPeople app.

* Bedtime for Ty & internet browsing for Me!


Monday Meal Plan - July 11

Sunday - Eating Out
Monday - Ordering Pizza because I still haven't gone to grocery store!
Tuesday - Slow Cooker Marina Chicken and Veggies {Spark Recipes}
Wednesday - Balsamic - Marinated Flank Steak {Kraft Foods} with Stir-Fry Green Beans {Spark Recipes}
Thursday - BBQ Chicken Roll-Ups {Kraft Food}
Friday - Cilantro-Lime Chicken {Spark Recipes}
Saturday - Grilled Snapper Grecian Style {Kraft Foods}


Our Week in Pictures via Instagram

Chocolate cupcake at his birthday party.

Playroom full of new toys.

Apple juice break from grocery shopping.

Batter covered fingers after cooking at my job.

Tuesday II
Depositing all his money money money!

Impromptu afternoon at the beach.

Sleeping in Moma's bed after Moma gave in on his 2nd birth day.

A belated birthday trip for ice cream.

You Make Me Happy ~ 23 months

You make me happy...

when you want to help me cook everything!

when you talk on your phone all day long. You have a whole conversation to Meme and Trigger and Meme and Trigger and Trigger.

when you love your babies and play pretend with them.

when you pick out your own outfits to wear for the day.

seeing you enjoy playing in the water!

when I see you concentrate so hard on your "panking"

to know that you love fishing just as much as your daddy (or maybe even more!)

when you share the things you love with any and everyone.

you are completely at-home at the beach.