I guess my new spot for my make-up bag isn't safe!

Found this when I got out of the shower this morning. It was funny!


How The 2 Year Old Came To Have THREE {3} Backpacks

*First Step In Preschool Journey*

As soon as we decided that Ty would go to preschool, I started looking for toddler back packs. I looked in every store that I could think of. I looked online. I could find nothing like I wanted.

My requirements:
- not large
- anti-character {i loathe characters, if you didn't know already!}
- cheap

I asked on Facebook and my friends told me to look at Academy! A store we frequent, but for reason I never ventured to the backpack aisle. Ah ha!! Toddler backpack {#3 in picture} found with all three requirements. Sold!! Perfect. Then the next day, I actually enrolled him in the preschool. Also found a cheap-o lunchbox at Wal-Mart and it matched. Perfect.

Fast forward 2 weeks: In the mail was a welcome letter from our preschool. One note they wanted to remind parents was to make sure each child's backpack be able to fit a standard folder. Oops!! Academy backpack was way too small. Back to square one I went. Went to Wal-Mart and happened to find a solid black, smaller backpack {#2 in picture} for like 5 bucks. I didn't actually like black and searched and searched for a different color. I could never find where it came from or any other similar ones. It was in with the backpacks but I pretty sure it wasn't part of the "back-to-school" backpacks. But, Hey! It was only five bucks so home it went with us.

One day while browsing at my fav. cheap-o store, Ross, I found a sporty, solid-color regular size, backpack {not pictured}. Score {again...}. I pay for the backpack, walk across the mall hall way {like directly across from Ross}to Children's Place & wham-bam -- the PERFECT backpack of all!!! {#1 in picture} All three requirements met and it was on sale. Bought it, turned around, walked back into Ross and returned that one.

I got home and thought about returning the Wal-Mart backpack but somehow Ty had got it dirty and one day I ripped the tag off out of habit. So now Ty has THREE backpacks! Ty uses #2 for Nana's house on Monday's, the smaller one #3 for running around with me, and he will use #3 for Preschool.

Anyone else have such a fun time with purchasing a first backpack??

My Top Breastfeeding Resources **updated

In the first weeks after giving birth, my only concern & the only thing that I woke up to do was NURSE! Every two hours - on.the.dot! I quickly went to Target and bought my big, expensive, fancy breastpump. I went home and started pumping every two hours as well. Let me explain: For a four hour stretch of time - I would nurse the 1st hour, pump the 2nd hour, nurse the 3rd hour and pump again the 4th hour. Ok, so I didnt do this all day long and I certainly didn't do it the entire night, but I did do it a few times during the day every day until about 6 months {when we had to buy a deep freeze to store my bountiful supply of pumped breastmilk}.

While pumping, I surfed the internet, inhaling **any & all** information for pumping, breastfeeding and anything else related. These are the web sites I loved. Hopfully they can help someone else!!

BabyCenter.com The Exclusive Pumpers! Group
6,000+ members, 19,000+ posts, tons of information & help

Exclusively Pumping iVillage Community
My go-to site with questions & support. Threads for all levels of experience.

Love, love, love this site. Has a wide variety of information!

Mother 2 Mother
Has basic information for everyone.

The Breastfeeding Blog
New blog I just now found that looks like it would be an easy read full of information.

Breastmilk Counts
"A mother's one-stop breastfeeding resource."

Along with my mom and a couple of books, I was able to successfully breastfeed and pump for an awesome NINE months!! {Ty self weaned - sad for me}


Flush You {aka Bless You}

To say the least, nap time & bed time are a STRUGGLE with Ty!

Without going into great detail about things, I will describe how Ty has fallen asleep over the past two years:
Infant - Nursed to sleep.
Baby - Nursed to sleep or rocked.
1 year old - Rocked viverently while strong holding him.
Toddler - Rocked for about 30-40 minutes.
2 year old - Lay down in our bed while he tosses and turnes and pretends to fish and talks and sings for about 40 minutes to an hour.

It just seems to be getting worse! I have no idea why or how or how to change it. I visit BabyCenter Community frequently. I bought the book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution for your Toddler." No solid help from either. I even tried the "put in his bed, leave the room, return him to his bed every 2 minutes" cry-it-out process with no luck.

Today at nap, the last words Ty said were "Flush You" after he coughed. I had to roll over and hold in my laughs. I guess he thinks that you need to bless you after a cough not just a sneeze. And its also flush instead of bless incase you were mistaken before!


Tot School Out, Preschool In

It kind of makes me sad! Even though everyone I know has told me "You have to do what you have to."

I started a part-time job last month. I only work 20 hours a week which I LOVE!! I still get to have tons of time with my son and I don't have to put him in day care full-time. My mom was willing to watch him this summer and my mother-in-law was recently able to help out as well.

I know what a handful Ty can be!! He doesn't go to sleep for naps well - AT ALL - !!! The moms are not used to going full-speed for 5 hours in a row; especially doing it while watching a non-stop toddler. Also, before I started working, I took Ty to a ton of meetups {I'm the founder of our group on meetup.com}. He was getting constant kid interaction & socialization. I feel like I am cheating him of these fun opportunities. {And the mom quilt starts...}

As you might see on my blog, I was doing Tot School with Ty. I was loving planning this and taking pictures and I could see Ty's development!! I still want him to be able to profit from a little structured curriculum.

With all this said ---> Ty is starting Preschool!!! At the end of August Ty will start going to Preschool from 9 am until 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. {Which is technically just a Mom's Day Out Program - but I will just call it Preschool} The moms will each get to spend one day a week with him still. And I don't work Fridays so this schedule will work out perfect!!

I'm starting to get excited. I found a cheap, non-character {because I do not like characters...} toddler backpack at Academy. Bought him the cheapest {yet still cute & functional} lunch box from Target. Got a sandwich and snack Tupperware at Wal-Mart. He will be there for 4 hours and they will eat lunch there.

I'm even more excited that I know 2 mom's who are also sending their toddlers to the same preschool!!

Updates and Pictures Will Follow


It's World Breastfeeding Week!

It's World Breastfeeding Week! August 1st - 7th.

And in honor of this and my love & passion for all things Breastfeeding I want to let you know that you will see my doing a lot of new posts on Breastfeeding My Way!!

I'm in the process of sorting out my posts and research and ideas. Hold on to your seats - its going to be a lot of information!!