How The 2 Year Old Came To Have THREE {3} Backpacks

*First Step In Preschool Journey*

As soon as we decided that Ty would go to preschool, I started looking for toddler back packs. I looked in every store that I could think of. I looked online. I could find nothing like I wanted.

My requirements:
- not large
- anti-character {i loathe characters, if you didn't know already!}
- cheap

I asked on Facebook and my friends told me to look at Academy! A store we frequent, but for reason I never ventured to the backpack aisle. Ah ha!! Toddler backpack {#3 in picture} found with all three requirements. Sold!! Perfect. Then the next day, I actually enrolled him in the preschool. Also found a cheap-o lunchbox at Wal-Mart and it matched. Perfect.

Fast forward 2 weeks: In the mail was a welcome letter from our preschool. One note they wanted to remind parents was to make sure each child's backpack be able to fit a standard folder. Oops!! Academy backpack was way too small. Back to square one I went. Went to Wal-Mart and happened to find a solid black, smaller backpack {#2 in picture} for like 5 bucks. I didn't actually like black and searched and searched for a different color. I could never find where it came from or any other similar ones. It was in with the backpacks but I pretty sure it wasn't part of the "back-to-school" backpacks. But, Hey! It was only five bucks so home it went with us.

One day while browsing at my fav. cheap-o store, Ross, I found a sporty, solid-color regular size, backpack {not pictured}. Score {again...}. I pay for the backpack, walk across the mall hall way {like directly across from Ross}to Children's Place & wham-bam -- the PERFECT backpack of all!!! {#1 in picture} All three requirements met and it was on sale. Bought it, turned around, walked back into Ross and returned that one.

I got home and thought about returning the Wal-Mart backpack but somehow Ty had got it dirty and one day I ripped the tag off out of habit. So now Ty has THREE backpacks! Ty uses #2 for Nana's house on Monday's, the smaller one #3 for running around with me, and he will use #3 for Preschool.

Anyone else have such a fun time with purchasing a first backpack??

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