My Top Breastfeeding Resources **updated

In the first weeks after giving birth, my only concern & the only thing that I woke up to do was NURSE! Every two hours - on.the.dot! I quickly went to Target and bought my big, expensive, fancy breastpump. I went home and started pumping every two hours as well. Let me explain: For a four hour stretch of time - I would nurse the 1st hour, pump the 2nd hour, nurse the 3rd hour and pump again the 4th hour. Ok, so I didnt do this all day long and I certainly didn't do it the entire night, but I did do it a few times during the day every day until about 6 months {when we had to buy a deep freeze to store my bountiful supply of pumped breastmilk}.

While pumping, I surfed the internet, inhaling **any & all** information for pumping, breastfeeding and anything else related. These are the web sites I loved. Hopfully they can help someone else!!

BabyCenter.com The Exclusive Pumpers! Group
6,000+ members, 19,000+ posts, tons of information & help

Exclusively Pumping iVillage Community
My go-to site with questions & support. Threads for all levels of experience.

Love, love, love this site. Has a wide variety of information!

Mother 2 Mother
Has basic information for everyone.

The Breastfeeding Blog
New blog I just now found that looks like it would be an easy read full of information.

Breastmilk Counts
"A mother's one-stop breastfeeding resource."

Along with my mom and a couple of books, I was able to successfully breastfeed and pump for an awesome NINE months!! {Ty self weaned - sad for me}

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