Tot School Out, Preschool In

It kind of makes me sad! Even though everyone I know has told me "You have to do what you have to."

I started a part-time job last month. I only work 20 hours a week which I LOVE!! I still get to have tons of time with my son and I don't have to put him in day care full-time. My mom was willing to watch him this summer and my mother-in-law was recently able to help out as well.

I know what a handful Ty can be!! He doesn't go to sleep for naps well - AT ALL - !!! The moms are not used to going full-speed for 5 hours in a row; especially doing it while watching a non-stop toddler. Also, before I started working, I took Ty to a ton of meetups {I'm the founder of our group on meetup.com}. He was getting constant kid interaction & socialization. I feel like I am cheating him of these fun opportunities. {And the mom quilt starts...}

As you might see on my blog, I was doing Tot School with Ty. I was loving planning this and taking pictures and I could see Ty's development!! I still want him to be able to profit from a little structured curriculum.

With all this said ---> Ty is starting Preschool!!! At the end of August Ty will start going to Preschool from 9 am until 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. {Which is technically just a Mom's Day Out Program - but I will just call it Preschool} The moms will each get to spend one day a week with him still. And I don't work Fridays so this schedule will work out perfect!!

I'm starting to get excited. I found a cheap, non-character {because I do not like characters...} toddler backpack at Academy. Bought him the cheapest {yet still cute & functional} lunch box from Target. Got a sandwich and snack Tupperware at Wal-Mart. He will be there for 4 hours and they will eat lunch there.

I'm even more excited that I know 2 mom's who are also sending their toddlers to the same preschool!!

Updates and Pictures Will Follow

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