1st Potty Accident in Public

Uh oh! Ty had his first potty accident in public yesterday.

First, let me say, Ty has been amazingly fully potty trained since June. For 4 months, Ty has worn undies all day and pull-ups at nap-time and at night. He always tells me when he needs to go potty. I make sure he goes before we leave the house and while we are out & about near a restroom. And, yes, he's had accidents before at the house.

But yesterday was his first accident while we were out shopping. It was pretty uneventful, but it was a first for us! I took my best friend resale shopping for her new baby. It's about a 40 minute drive to the good stores. At the first store, they have a section of toys for children to play with while the parents shop. Ty remembered this about this store and ran straight to that part when we walked in. My friend and I started shopping and I would peek over towards him to check on him occasionally. After about 10 minutes, Ty ran up to me saying "Mommy. Potty!" like he always does. We went to the restroom and as I pulled down his shorts and undies I realized that he had ALREADY gone!! OOPS! He finished in the restroom and we went to the car and changed his undies and shorts. Thankfully, I had packed him a spare set in a bag on the way out of the house.

That was it. I didn't make a big deal out of it. I didn't make a scene in the store. I didn't yell at him.

It was simply an accident.

I'm sure there are more to come!


As Seen On TV

Bake Pops, Pop ’Em, Dip ’Em, Decorate ’Em, and Devour ’Em!

It's happened!!

TV has influenced my child to tell me to go to the store to buy something he saw on a commercial!!

I don't allow Ty to watch TV too much. He maybe watches 30 minutes all day total. Tonight Eric won't get home until around 9 pm and Ty was crying for him after his bath. So I decided to let him sit up and wait to see him before I put him to sleep. I put the channel to Sprout {the only channel I like for kids} and he laid down on the couch.

This Bake Pops commercial came on. I looked over at Ty and he was watching but not interested. At the very end, he jumped up & off the couch, looked at me & said "Buy. Store. Pops."!!! Seriously?!?! Cake Pops is the first thing he wants to buy from TV?? I had to laugh to myself. He ran to the door and said "Mom, coming? Store?". He really thought I was going to take him to the store and buy him some cake pops!!

TV commercials are horrible. 


Extra Pictures of 1st Day of Preschool

I finally uploaded the two pictures from my phone of the 1st day of pre-school!!

He was nervous and there was a lot of commotion. So, he picked his nose, of course!

Week 2 & Already Getting Kicked Out?!?!

Tuesday & Thursday pick up went smooth. I walked him to his classroom both mornings and he went in with out whining or crying.

Tuesday pick up I drove thru the line and a lady walked him to my car. He kept saying "Mommy, home!" But was fine.

Thursday I walked in to pick him up. I told the check-out lady his name and his teacher let him walk up to me. Ty started crying and wanted me to pick him up. As soon as we walked out of the doors he was fine and ready to go home.

Another week of pre-school done and down without any worries.


Friday afternoon, as I pulling out of my driveway to head to the beach, I got a call from Ms. N {the teacher I like}. She wanted to let me know that this week was not so hot for Ty at school. She asked if the head teacher Ms. H had notified me. I told her no. Ms. N said she figured she hadn't so she wanted to make sure I knew that Ty bit a friend. Bit him so hard that it cut the skin!!!!

Let me first say, I have NEVER seen him bite ANYONE!! To say the least, I was in shock and horror.

She also said he pinches! What? MY child? Do you have the correct toddler?? Ms. N suggested maybe he wasn't ready for school. Welp, sorry but my other option is daycare, so he's going to have to get used to being taken care of by someone else sooner or later!! Of course, I didn't tell her that. I asked her what the discipline procedures they had taken and she told me they used time-out. Which, Ty has never been affected by time-out so I have no idea how to handle this.

#1. I'm mad they didn't let me know about it immediately or at the end of that day. Maybe I could have talked to Ty closer to when he did it. Of course I discussed it with him. He understood that he did something bad, but I don't know if he understands what it is that he did bad.

#2. How do I handle this whole biting thing???

#3. I really, really, really don't want him to get kicked out! There are no day cares that do part-time care & full-time care would be ridiculous. It would be half my paycheck and he would only be there maybe 15 hours a week!

The kids that go to this pre-school/MDO program are there because their parents' want a "mother's day out" or just a little break or just solely for socialization. Ty is here because I work and the hours are PERFECT for my job! I also really liked {past tense} this school and the people. I'm not really enjoying his main teacher though.

So, I will be calling the director Monday morning and discussing what I should I do. I'm lucky I am off next week so that maybe I can observe his class on Tuesday or do something!!

Anyone out there have any suggestions???


Kid's Lunch Week 1

I send Ty's lunch with him to Preschool.

Tuesday  - I sent him with things I knew he would eat! PB&J sandwich, apple sauce squeeze, grapes & cantelope, and cheese stick. He ate everything but the grapes & cantelope {weird cuz he scarfs them down at home}. He also came home with a carrot in his box!

Thursday - I sent meat lunch roll-ups, mayo for dipping, cheese roll-ups, crackers, canned pears & peas. Everything was gone excep the peas of course. I added them just in case that he might eat them. Didn't happen!


Week 1 Down

Its official! Ty likes Preschool. Thank you Jesus!!


Drop Off -- I got super nervous walking Ty to the doors. We waited a couple of minutes until they opened the doors to let us back to the classrooms. A lady was there to help walk back kiddos. She took Ty's hand and asked him his name. Then I heard it - She called him TYLER!! Oh geez. I yelled out "His name is Ty." And then turned around to leave. But ... I turned right back around and grabbed Ty's hand and let the lady know I would walk him to his class. I walked him in, made sure his teachers saw him and then told him "good bye, love you, see you after work." Ty turned around, looked at me and asked to go home. I said "no, I will pick you up after I get off work." Then I bolted. Didn't look back, didn't stay to take pics, didn't cry {wow}. There was tons of caous so I think that helped to distract Ty.

Pick Up -- I waited with my mom-friend inside the main hall. We could see her son crying in the buggy & made us both sad. The kids came out by classes and sat down on their lines. Ty's class was the last class out. As soon as they sat down, the staff said we could start the line to pick up the kids. I started waving at Ty and he saw me. And he started bawling!!! I walked up to the staff member and told her my son's name. She turned around and saw that he was crying and said come on Ty. We went home and went directly to bed for a nap!


Drop Off - We had to wait outside a few minutes. They opened the doors and I walked back to Ty's class. He was the first one in and Ms. N {the one I like - so far} exclaimed "Good Morning Ty.""Bye Ty Love You" and I was gone.

Pick Up - I made THREE, 3 meals at work this morning so I was super uber stinky. I decide to drive thru and start picking up Ty through the drive thru. Which is what the preschool prefers anyways. The lady that brought Ty to the car was super nice as she handed me an incident report...
I freaked for a second. I seriously thought it was a note about him being mean to a kid. I have NO IDEA why that came to my mind, but it was only a note about a boo-boo. Ty bumped into a bookshelf and got a big knot on the side of his head. HA! Goof ball! We drove off and went straight to bed at home!

** all pictures were taken on Tuesday. Please don't think I dressed him in the same clothes for both days!

Meet The Teacher

Eric and I took Ty to meet his new teachers last Thursday evening. It was pretty much uneventful. We, us, the adults, were way more nervous than the toddler!
We dressed up. I put a cute outfit on Ty. We all brushed our teeth! And we headed over to the church that the preschool is in.
We quickly realized I had chosen a fancy, smancy, high-falutin' preschool!!
All the parents were REALLY dressed up and their children were just as dressed up as them. It was obvious by looking around the parking lot - cars and family's attire - that this was an affluent preschool.
Ok, so lets just say we.are.not.affluent.by.any.means!
Not to say either way is wrong or bad, we just don't run in the upper-class circle.
Well...until now! Preschool is up there man!

This was Eric's first time seeing the school and he fell in love as soon as he walked in. The facility is new and shiny. The staff are friendly and happy. The atmosphere is focused on the kiddos. There is a presence of God.

Our events upon walking in:

1. Checked-in and paid for the month of September. Learned where Ty's classroom was. While waiting in line, I found a mom-friend {from our meetup group} & chatted about how nervous we were for our toddlers. It was so nice to see a familiar face!

2. Walked through the doors into the indoor gym area. The physical fitness/music/movement teacher introduced her self.

3. Found our way back to Ty's classroom. He is apart of the Red Rabbits!

4. Ty walked in and immediately found the tractors. While the other two year olds played with the playdough on the table {that the two teachers had set out so the room would stay clean}. Yeah. Uhm. Tractors are better. Hello!?!?

5. I introduced myself to Ms. N. She was super nice. She told us it was her first year there and that she was excited. I like her!

6. Then we tried to talk to the co-teacher Ms. H, but she wasn't nearly as friendly.

7. We told Ty that he would be back next week and drug him back out to the indoor gym area.

8. Met back up with mom-friend and her family. Ate a cookie and went to Chili's.

Seriously, it took us a max of 20 minutes. Job well done though.