As Seen On TV

Bake Pops, Pop ’Em, Dip ’Em, Decorate ’Em, and Devour ’Em!

It's happened!!

TV has influenced my child to tell me to go to the store to buy something he saw on a commercial!!

I don't allow Ty to watch TV too much. He maybe watches 30 minutes all day total. Tonight Eric won't get home until around 9 pm and Ty was crying for him after his bath. So I decided to let him sit up and wait to see him before I put him to sleep. I put the channel to Sprout {the only channel I like for kids} and he laid down on the couch.

This Bake Pops commercial came on. I looked over at Ty and he was watching but not interested. At the very end, he jumped up & off the couch, looked at me & said "Buy. Store. Pops."!!! Seriously?!?! Cake Pops is the first thing he wants to buy from TV?? I had to laugh to myself. He ran to the door and said "Mom, coming? Store?". He really thought I was going to take him to the store and buy him some cake pops!!

TV commercials are horrible. 

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