Meet The Teacher

Eric and I took Ty to meet his new teachers last Thursday evening. It was pretty much uneventful. We, us, the adults, were way more nervous than the toddler!
We dressed up. I put a cute outfit on Ty. We all brushed our teeth! And we headed over to the church that the preschool is in.
We quickly realized I had chosen a fancy, smancy, high-falutin' preschool!!
All the parents were REALLY dressed up and their children were just as dressed up as them. It was obvious by looking around the parking lot - cars and family's attire - that this was an affluent preschool.
Ok, so lets just say we.are.not.affluent.by.any.means!
Not to say either way is wrong or bad, we just don't run in the upper-class circle.
Well...until now! Preschool is up there man!

This was Eric's first time seeing the school and he fell in love as soon as he walked in. The facility is new and shiny. The staff are friendly and happy. The atmosphere is focused on the kiddos. There is a presence of God.

Our events upon walking in:

1. Checked-in and paid for the month of September. Learned where Ty's classroom was. While waiting in line, I found a mom-friend {from our meetup group} & chatted about how nervous we were for our toddlers. It was so nice to see a familiar face!

2. Walked through the doors into the indoor gym area. The physical fitness/music/movement teacher introduced her self.

3. Found our way back to Ty's classroom. He is apart of the Red Rabbits!

4. Ty walked in and immediately found the tractors. While the other two year olds played with the playdough on the table {that the two teachers had set out so the room would stay clean}. Yeah. Uhm. Tractors are better. Hello!?!?

5. I introduced myself to Ms. N. She was super nice. She told us it was her first year there and that she was excited. I like her!

6. Then we tried to talk to the co-teacher Ms. H, but she wasn't nearly as friendly.

7. We told Ty that he would be back next week and drug him back out to the indoor gym area.

8. Met back up with mom-friend and her family. Ate a cookie and went to Chili's.

Seriously, it took us a max of 20 minutes. Job well done though.

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