Week 1 Down

Its official! Ty likes Preschool. Thank you Jesus!!


Drop Off -- I got super nervous walking Ty to the doors. We waited a couple of minutes until they opened the doors to let us back to the classrooms. A lady was there to help walk back kiddos. She took Ty's hand and asked him his name. Then I heard it - She called him TYLER!! Oh geez. I yelled out "His name is Ty." And then turned around to leave. But ... I turned right back around and grabbed Ty's hand and let the lady know I would walk him to his class. I walked him in, made sure his teachers saw him and then told him "good bye, love you, see you after work." Ty turned around, looked at me and asked to go home. I said "no, I will pick you up after I get off work." Then I bolted. Didn't look back, didn't stay to take pics, didn't cry {wow}. There was tons of caous so I think that helped to distract Ty.

Pick Up -- I waited with my mom-friend inside the main hall. We could see her son crying in the buggy & made us both sad. The kids came out by classes and sat down on their lines. Ty's class was the last class out. As soon as they sat down, the staff said we could start the line to pick up the kids. I started waving at Ty and he saw me. And he started bawling!!! I walked up to the staff member and told her my son's name. She turned around and saw that he was crying and said come on Ty. We went home and went directly to bed for a nap!


Drop Off - We had to wait outside a few minutes. They opened the doors and I walked back to Ty's class. He was the first one in and Ms. N {the one I like - so far} exclaimed "Good Morning Ty.""Bye Ty Love You" and I was gone.

Pick Up - I made THREE, 3 meals at work this morning so I was super uber stinky. I decide to drive thru and start picking up Ty through the drive thru. Which is what the preschool prefers anyways. The lady that brought Ty to the car was super nice as she handed me an incident report...
I freaked for a second. I seriously thought it was a note about him being mean to a kid. I have NO IDEA why that came to my mind, but it was only a note about a boo-boo. Ty bumped into a bookshelf and got a big knot on the side of his head. HA! Goof ball! We drove off and went straight to bed at home!

** all pictures were taken on Tuesday. Please don't think I dressed him in the same clothes for both days!

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  1. Hi - I found you through LoveFitnessLaugh. Your photos are wonderful and I love your heartfelt posts. I'm now following.

    Regards, Mari