Week 2 & Already Getting Kicked Out?!?!

Tuesday & Thursday pick up went smooth. I walked him to his classroom both mornings and he went in with out whining or crying.

Tuesday pick up I drove thru the line and a lady walked him to my car. He kept saying "Mommy, home!" But was fine.

Thursday I walked in to pick him up. I told the check-out lady his name and his teacher let him walk up to me. Ty started crying and wanted me to pick him up. As soon as we walked out of the doors he was fine and ready to go home.

Another week of pre-school done and down without any worries.


Friday afternoon, as I pulling out of my driveway to head to the beach, I got a call from Ms. N {the teacher I like}. She wanted to let me know that this week was not so hot for Ty at school. She asked if the head teacher Ms. H had notified me. I told her no. Ms. N said she figured she hadn't so she wanted to make sure I knew that Ty bit a friend. Bit him so hard that it cut the skin!!!!

Let me first say, I have NEVER seen him bite ANYONE!! To say the least, I was in shock and horror.

She also said he pinches! What? MY child? Do you have the correct toddler?? Ms. N suggested maybe he wasn't ready for school. Welp, sorry but my other option is daycare, so he's going to have to get used to being taken care of by someone else sooner or later!! Of course, I didn't tell her that. I asked her what the discipline procedures they had taken and she told me they used time-out. Which, Ty has never been affected by time-out so I have no idea how to handle this.

#1. I'm mad they didn't let me know about it immediately or at the end of that day. Maybe I could have talked to Ty closer to when he did it. Of course I discussed it with him. He understood that he did something bad, but I don't know if he understands what it is that he did bad.

#2. How do I handle this whole biting thing???

#3. I really, really, really don't want him to get kicked out! There are no day cares that do part-time care & full-time care would be ridiculous. It would be half my paycheck and he would only be there maybe 15 hours a week!

The kids that go to this pre-school/MDO program are there because their parents' want a "mother's day out" or just a little break or just solely for socialization. Ty is here because I work and the hours are PERFECT for my job! I also really liked {past tense} this school and the people. I'm not really enjoying his main teacher though.

So, I will be calling the director Monday morning and discussing what I should I do. I'm lucky I am off next week so that maybe I can observe his class on Tuesday or do something!!

Anyone out there have any suggestions???

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