Three Things Thursday ~ 1/26


1) I'm pretty sure I broke my left pinky toe yesterday evening! OUCH

2) Louisiana is making Eric pay taxes on the refund he got in 2011 from work in 2010. Does that make sense to AnYoNe!!!???

3) Eric turned the TV off last night. When I asked him why, he said, "Because it is pointless to have on with that kid here." He was refering to Ty - who was running around screaming and running into walls and crying!


Three Things Thursday ~ 1/12

Staring a new post schedule::

Three Things Thursday

Just random thoughts going through my mind on a Thursday evening...

{1} I want be able to help with finances!!

{2} There really is a baby in my belly. 21 weeks and starting to feel her move around a lot. Still not really able to feel on the outside though.

{3} I drank TOO much caffeine today -- Mocha in the morning, Dr.P for lunch, & Dr. P for dinner. Oh and a ton of water in between. But that is why I am **awake** right now!!


***I'm Back***

Ok Babe.

Ok Mom.

I'm back!!!

What to look forward to::
* Ty Updates
* Preschool News
* Family Updates
* House Things
* Anything else I feel like blogging about