Three Things Thursday ~ 3/1


1. My house has stayed relatively cleaned for the past week!! Very impressive.

2. My car stinks and it is filthy!

3. Ty needs another hair cut already. I think I am going to go back to buzzing it myself. It is $12 + tip every 2 weeks!!! That is just plain ridiculous. 

Freezer Meals My Way

Preparing for Baby Laci

Over at My Happy House, she took 4 weeks and got some freezer meals ready for after her baby was born. I thought this was a very smart idea. With a toddler, a new baby and a very hungry hubby, dinner time might be more difficult so I will be doing the same thing. 

I plan to start freezing the meals 3-4 weeks before my due date. Each week I will do 2-3 meals for dinner that night and a second one to freeze. So far I have planned these meals:

#1. Spaghetti
      Italian sausage
      jarred spaghetti sauce
      spaghetti noodles
      frozen garlic bread

Brown sausage & freeze. Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ cook noodles, bake bread, mix sausage with sauce and heat in pan.

#2. Chalupas
      ground beef
      chalupa shells
      sour cream
      shredded cheese
      taco seasoning
      refried beans

Brown meat & drain. Mix in taco seasoning (according to package) and refried beans. Freeze the meat mixture. Defrost night before. Hubby will ~~ heat shells in oven, heat meat mixture.

#3. Mexican Shepherd Pie
    recipe at Keeping Life Creative

Layer and freeze before baking. Defrost the night before. Hubby will -- bake for 30  minutes at 400 degrees.

#4. Rachel's Casserole
     recipe at Or So She Says...

Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

#5. Chicken Spaghetti

Defrost the night before. Hubby will ~~ bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

#6. Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken
      recipe at Mama and Baby Love

Defrost over night. I will ~~ put in slow cooker and cook on high 4-6 hours or low 6-8 hours.

#7 & 8. Store-bought Frozen Meals

I will buy these as they are on sale and with coupons. Hubby will ~~ stir-fry in pan. 

I think this is all I will cook & freeze. If I do add more, I will also add to the this list. Wish me luck! I have never done this before, but seems easy enough.


26 Weeks Pregnant


How big is baby? size of a cucumber

How's mom feeling? Not horrible, but getting uncomfortable. I get awful heart burn from drinking water - of all things!! I have headaches on one side of head. I feel huge at night and its hard to roll over or get out of bed. My feet hurt constantly. 

Nursery Update: We {I} have chosen a color!!! FINALLY. I saw a picture on Pinterest and decided I actually loved it. Then I went and got tons of pink color swatches. I went to the nursery with my sister's bridesmaid dress from my wedding and picked a color that matched it. Dusty rose! Valentine's day, Eric took me to Lowe's and we bought the paint and a few other painting accessories. Last night we painted the first coat!!

This pregnancy compared to Ty? Completely different. I was in the hospital hooked up to an IV at this time with Ty. The only thing for me to do was think about the baby. This time, I sometimes forget I even am pregnant! Then I feel her kick and I smile. I'm constantly busy with Ty or school/house work so it's easy to forget that I'm also growing a baby.

What does Ty think about the baby this week? He just "Good" when I asked him what he thinks about Laci. He told me today that he was going to teach her how to walk in the road. Ordinarily that would freak a mom out, but we don't have sidewalks. So I assumed he meant that he was going to show her how to be careful walking in the road when we all go for walks and to look out for cars. He loved painting her room last night. He kept saying he was making Laci's room smmmoooottthhhh while he rolled on the paint! He's so funny.


Three Things Thursday 2/16


1. We are on a BUDGET! Well, I should say we are actually actively using our budget!! Cash system, debt snowball, tracking spending, etc all of it.

2. I boiled hot dogs for dinner tonight and YUCK. They just look disgusting so I'm not eating them and I'm not letting Ty eat them either.

3. Our house has GiAnT ants, mIlLiOn mosquito hawks and a few HuGe fleas!! I'm hating it. 


24 Weeks Pregnant


Wow!!! I have a baby inside me!! And we are 24 weeks along!! Ty McCoy will be a big brother to a baby girl. We are naming her Laci Rae and her due date is May 22 (just 2 days after a friend and a cousin's birthday).  

How big is baby? Size of ear of corn

How's mom feeling? I am just now starting to get into the uncomfortable, too-big-in-the-belly-to-bend-over stage. My small maternity clothes are slowly being put away to be replaced by bigger sizes. I am starving all the time! At my doctors appointment two weeks ago, I had gained 10 pounds since becoming pregnant.

Nursery update: The crib, changing table, and glider are up and in their spots. Still looking for a used dresser - will buy a new one at the last possible minute if I can't find one. There are tons of clothes in the room (I have a suspicion that Laci will have 100% more clothes than Ty EVER has had). There are 5 five FIVE - that's right - fIvE different color samples on the walls. And I do not like ANY of them. I have decided I want a pale blue or green; something that is barely noticeable on the walls. I cannot, refuse to do pink on the walls!!

This pregnancy compared to Ty? When I was pregnant with Ty, I was admitted to the hospital at this week! I went in so I could get medicine to stop contractions that were making my cervix too short. The hospital I was in was an hour away from home and it is the same hospital that I will deliver Laci in too. I could NOT imagine going on bed rest right now, much less be restricted to a hospital bed!! 

What does Ty think about the baby this week? He likes to feel her and asks me "Laci moving?" He painted her a picture for her room yesterday!!


Some observations ~
- I really like pink maternity shirts.
- I stand awkwardly while I'm pregnant.
- That day with Ty was the day I was admitted to the hospital. Boo.
- I had a fat face with Ty.
- I'm a pale, pale girl!
- The way Laci is positioned looks funnier than Ty {more flat in front}.


Tot School Planner My Way {printable}


I have decided to start Tot School again!! Although Ty attends Preschool twice a week, I miss including Tot School in our week. I will just prepare a whole months worth of Tot School and as time allows will grab something from the folder to do with Ty. Because I couldn't find one that I liked on the web, I made a planner so that I can have all the information in one spot. I will put this in the front of the folder to refer to when we get a chance.

Print it here!

Three Things Thursday 2/2


1. I am super frustrated with choosing a paint color for baby's room!

2. Food is my friend. I am hungry all the time.

3. I really wish our libraries would let us check out magazines!! You are able to San Marcos - why not here???