24 Weeks Pregnant


Wow!!! I have a baby inside me!! And we are 24 weeks along!! Ty McCoy will be a big brother to a baby girl. We are naming her Laci Rae and her due date is May 22 (just 2 days after a friend and a cousin's birthday).  

How big is baby? Size of ear of corn

How's mom feeling? I am just now starting to get into the uncomfortable, too-big-in-the-belly-to-bend-over stage. My small maternity clothes are slowly being put away to be replaced by bigger sizes. I am starving all the time! At my doctors appointment two weeks ago, I had gained 10 pounds since becoming pregnant.

Nursery update: The crib, changing table, and glider are up and in their spots. Still looking for a used dresser - will buy a new one at the last possible minute if I can't find one. There are tons of clothes in the room (I have a suspicion that Laci will have 100% more clothes than Ty EVER has had). There are 5 five FIVE - that's right - fIvE different color samples on the walls. And I do not like ANY of them. I have decided I want a pale blue or green; something that is barely noticeable on the walls. I cannot, refuse to do pink on the walls!!

This pregnancy compared to Ty? When I was pregnant with Ty, I was admitted to the hospital at this week! I went in so I could get medicine to stop contractions that were making my cervix too short. The hospital I was in was an hour away from home and it is the same hospital that I will deliver Laci in too. I could NOT imagine going on bed rest right now, much less be restricted to a hospital bed!! 

What does Ty think about the baby this week? He likes to feel her and asks me "Laci moving?" He painted her a picture for her room yesterday!!


Some observations ~
- I really like pink maternity shirts.
- I stand awkwardly while I'm pregnant.
- That day with Ty was the day I was admitted to the hospital. Boo.
- I had a fat face with Ty.
- I'm a pale, pale girl!
- The way Laci is positioned looks funnier than Ty {more flat in front}.


  1. I enjoy reading these !!! love ya xoxoxox mom

  2. Cute observations...and I love that you have the comparison pics!