30 & 31 Weeks Pregnant

30 & 31 WEEKS


How big is baby? size of a head of cabbage & weighs 3 lbs 15 oz {about the weight of four naval oranges!}

How's mom feeling? I am really uncomfortable. Today, all of a sudden, I acquired a sharp, shooting, burning pain in the left shoulder blade. Hurt all day!! I'm anemic, too. BOO I am definitely feeling the nesting urge, but we are waiting on carpet in nursery to do anything.

Nursery Update: The walls are painted. The carpet is taken out. Waiting to schedule for Lowe's to come measure the room for installation for new carpet. 

This pregnancy compared to Ty? I can't really remember this part of pregnancy with Ty. I was on bed rest at home until 36 weeks so I was laid up on the couch or in bed. I remember going to Target once a week!! I go to that store so much now that one check-out girl recognizes me!! {Slapping forehead} 

What does Ty think about the baby these weeks? He consistently tells me he wants Laci Rae out & here!! He likes to rub the belly and play with my flat belly button. He doesn't say much else about her. He does like playing with all the baby stuff that might come out, especially the new double stroller.

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