Wreath My Way - For Baby Laci's Nursery

For Baby Laci's Nursery

I while back, I found a sweet ruffled wreath on Pinterest and immedietly knew I wanted to make it for my baby girl's nursery. The wreath is from the blog Kelly Hicks Design and looked simple enough to make. The next week, I went to Wal-Mart {which has a fabric section again ~ whoop whoop!} and bought a yard of fabric that I liked. It cost $1.50!! I already had a straw wreath that I bought at a thrift shop for 50 cents. 

And then, 3 months later, I actually sat down to make it!! 

I guess I thought it was going to be a very big project. But it was the most simplest DIY thing I have done!! It literally took less than 30 minutes. I even timed myself just to see. {Note: I flipped TV channels, read text messages, and ate snacks during the time ~ that is why the stop watch says more than 30 min.}

I will be hanging this somewhere in Laci Rae's room once we are finished painting {if we ever are}. I'm so happy with it!!

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