About Me

I'm Amber Rae - married to my high school sweetie and mother of an adorable little boy {now pregnant with a girl due in May}.

I am currently trying to turn our house into our home by finally painting each room and decorating. I love to organize anything I can and enjoy sewing little things here and there.

Before I became a very happy SAHM I got my degree and certificate in Elementary Education. After having my son and developing PPD I decided to stay home and fulfil my dream to raise a family.

I am passionate about resale shopping. I love me some white chocolate mochas (whip cream on that? yes, please, I would like all the calories I can get!). If you are behind me at a register, please be patient or find a different line - I come armed with coupons.

We love our life here in the great big ol' state of Texas and wouldn't dream for anything else!